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Custom orders are Jennifer Elizabeth’s specialty. Each piece that is made creates a bond between the work of art and the client. This results in one-of-a-kind creations from old memories that can be treasured for a lifetime.

There are different ways to commission a custom piece of jewelry:

Looking through your collection of jewelry and bonding it with the Jennifer Elizabeth styling. You can send pieces of jewelry from your personal collection and they will be re-worked into something modern. The jewelry can be designed to be worn everyday or you can take a more daring approach and have something made that you can wear on special occasions. Components will be added from the Jennifer Elizabeth archives of existing treasures and you can customize the color palette, style, and elements.

If you want to make something inspired from the Jennifer Elizabeth collections not using personal items of your own, you can look through our collections and make lists of pieces, or parts of pieces that you like. Through dialogue we can create a personal version of a past favorite. When making these lists, please think about which type of metals or elements you would like used, color (gold, silver, etc…), rhinestones, chain, the size of the piece, and if you would like to work with a theme.

During the process of making your item, we will converse through email, phone, or possibly in person and we can create a mock-up for your approval. This will allow the artist to design through her style and the client to have something made in her vision.

Timing is always different with each piece that is made. Depending on the intricacy it can take up to a month or two to have something made. There is a 50% deposit during the start of the process and final payment is due upon completion. Prices start at $100 and rise according to the style of what you would like. This includes numbers from the Jennifer Elizabeth components and the amount of work that goes into your piece.

Please contact Jennifer at if you are interested in custom work from Jennifer Elizabeth.

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